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Route-a-Pocket TM
Elevating the Quality of Pocket Screw Joinery!

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Route-a-Pocket™ System - Currently out of stock

The Route-a-Pocket™ System is the ultimate package for the quality minded woodworker who's looking for the convenience of pocket screw joinery without compromise.

The Route-a-Pocket™ System includes:
(1) Route-a-Pocket™ Jig
(1) Route-a-Pocket™ Plug Cutter
(1) Route-a-Pocket™ Carbide Tipped Router Bit
(1) Carbide Tipped Flush Trim Router Bit with Upper Bearing
(1) Double Rounding Wedge (required when making double rounded plugs)
(1) Pilot hole drill bit
(1) #2 ball tip square drive driver bit
(1) #2 ball tip square drive screwdriver
(100) #7 x 1-1/4" Route-a-Pocket™ screws
(100) #7 x 1-1/2" Route-a-Pocket™ screws
(1) Storage tube
(1) Set-up & Screw Selection Template (not shown)
(1) Transparent Screw Overlay (not shown)
(1) Route-a-Pocket™ Jig User Manual (not shown)
(1) Route-a-Pocket™ Plug Cutter User Manual (not shown)
(1) Route-a-Pocket™ Carrying Case

Watch the Route-a-Pocket in Action

Watch the Plug Cutter in Action!