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Route-a-Pocket TM
Elevating the Quality of Pocket Screw Joinery!

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Route-a-Pocket™ Plug Cutter - Currently out of stock

Route-a-Pocket™ plugs can be made from virtually any natural or manmade wood product.  They can also have nearly any grain direction.  This flexibility gives you the freedom to make your Route-a-Pocket joinery invisible by matching the color and figure of the plug with the pocket workpiece, or celebrated by purposefully making and installing plugs with contrasting color and/or figure.

The “show” surface of the plug stock is not altered during the plug making process.  This makes it easy to pre-select stock that will give the desired effect after plugging.  It also makes it possible to retain the stock’s “show” surface on the plug’s “show” surface when using laminated or pre-finished stock.  And because the plug size is easily and precisely adjustable, flush fitting plugs are a reality.

Route-a-Pocket is changing the way woodworkers use pocket screw joinery.  Starting with clean cut pockets, screws can now be concealed with precision, ending the backside banishment of pocket screw joinery.

Construction:  CNC machined aluminum alloy  -  Tool free adjustments  -
Made in USA

Pluggable Workpiece thickness range:  5/8" to 1-1/2"

Required tools:  Router Table with 1/4" collet

The Route-a-Pocket™ Plug Cutter includes:
(1) Route-a-Pocket™ Plug Cutter Jig
(1) Double Rounding Wedge (required when making double rounded plugs)
(1) Carbide Tipped Flush Trim Router Bit with Upper Bearing
(1) User Manual
(1) Route-a-Pocket™ Carrying Case

Watch a brief video - See the Plug Cutter in Action!

Download the Plug Cutter User Manual