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Route-a-Pocket TM
Elevating the Quality of Pocket Screw Joinery!

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CODE: 100010

Price: $89.95


The Route-a-Pocket™ is designed to produce professional quality pocket screw joinery with your plunge router and power drill.  The system uses a carbide tipped router bit to machine a low 10 degree screw pocket and a 9/64" diameter drill bit to produce a properly sized through pilot hole for #7 pocket hole screws.  Because the pocket is machined with a router bit, there are no featheredges and virtually all tearout is eliminated.  The low 10 degree screw angle helps to maintain flush joints during assembly and enables greater screw penetration.

A frequently asked question and answer:
I try to hide my pockets by placing them in areas that are seldom seen, why make them look nice?  To us at White Oak Tools, this is a puzzling question.  Hidden or not, since when do woodworking professional and hobbyists not take steps to avoid predicable tear-out?  And more importantly, why limit an easy to apply joining technique to areas that you hope will never be seen?  For example, save time by using Route-a-Pocket™ Joinery when assembling cabinet doors.  By placing a single low angle deep penetrating pocket screw across a joint made with matched rail and stile cutters, clamps are no longer needed, glue clean up is easier and wide doors gain much needed reinforcement.  Leave the clean-cut professional quality pockets exposed for all to see when the door is opened, or make the joining technology unnoticeable by inserting perfectly matched plugs using the optional Route-a-Pocket™ Plug Cutter.

It takes less than 30 seconds (including clamping and unclamping) to make a pocket using the Route-a-Pocket™ jig and when complete you’ll have a stronger joint that is easier to make flush (less sanding) and does not need to be hidden.

Tear-out free screw pockets - Reliable results in hardwoods, softwoods, sheet goods and solid surface materials

Flush Joints - Through pilot hole and low 10 degree screw angle minimizes joint creep when tightening the pocket screw

Ergonomically friendly - Whether your workpiece is large or small, machine the pocket while the workpiece rests flat on your workbench

Ultimate adjustability - Tool free adjustments put you in control of the screw penetration as well as the position of the screw relative to the centerline of the joint

Construction:  Precision laser cut components  -  Hardened steel drill bushing  -  Tool free adjustments  -  Patent pending design  -  Made in USA

Workpiece thickness range:  1/2" to 1-1/2"

Required tools:  Plunge router with 3/4" guide bushing  -  power drill

The Route-a-Pocket Includes:
(1) Route-a-Pocket™ Jig
(1) Route-a-Pocket™ Carbide Tipped Router Bit
(1) Pilot hole drill bit
(1) #2 ball tip square drive driver bit
(1) #2 ball tip square drive screwdriver
(100) #7 x 1-1/4" Route-a-Pocket™ screws
(100) #7 x 1-1/2" Route-a-Pocket™ screws
(1) Storage tube
(1) Set-up & Screw Selection Template (not shown)
(1) Transparent Screw Overlay (not shown)
(1) User Manual (not shown)

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Don't forget to also watch the Plug Cutter in Action!

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