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Happy Campers rest their Legs in Nests

Tripod campfire grills are convenient and work beautifully when their legs rest directly on the ground.  However, many campsites have raised campfire rings and the legs are usually too short to reach the ground while straddling the ring.  So, what to do?  You could rest the tripod directly on top of the ring, but this is precarious.  The slightest mishap and @#$%& a leg slips off the ring, the tripod collapses, and your entire meal is dumped into the fire.

Leg Nests solve this problem.  Simply position the three nests on the raised ring and then place the ends of the tripod legs into the nests.  The nests' deep pockets cradle the end of the legs preventing any unwanted movement.  Each concrete nest weights more than 2 pounds and has high grip - high temperature resistant - silicone rubber feet.  This combination of materials keeps the tripod firmly planted on the raised ring.

The next problem you’ll face is that the grill surface may be too high when the tripod sits atop a raised campfire ring.  Depending on the height of the ring, the grill’s height adjustment may not be sufficient.  If the tripod legs are segmented, removing a segment from each leg may do the trick.  However, if the leg segments are held together with shock cords the user is faced with one more dilemma.  What to do with the dangling unused tethered leg segments?  Of course, you could simply cut the shock cords, but Leg Nests offers a more elegant solution.  Use the three included leg retainers to tidily secure the unwieldly leg segments out of harm’s way.

Leg Nests include

3 nests
3 retainers

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