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Tips and Suggestions when using LegNests

Updated: Mar 28

  • If using a Coghlan’s style tripod grill, insert the legs into the support plate as shown.

  • If your grate has a raised lip on one side, consider using the grate with the raised lip facing up. The lip can assist in preventing items on the grate from rolling or sliding off into the fire.

  • The 3 nests should be spaced equally on the top surface of the raised campfire ring. Then place the ends of the tripod legs into the nests.

  • If the tripod has segmented legs, the height of the tripod may be lowered by removing one leg segment from each leg.

  • If the leg segments are tethered with shock cord, use the leg retainers to tidily secure the unused segments.

  • To install the leg retainers, it is best to lay the tripod assembly on its side. If available, use a picnic table as your work surface. Once all three leg retainers are installed, place the folded tripod legs into the nests.

  • The grate, chains and entire tripod can get extremely hot. Wear thick leather gloves or equivalent when making adjustments and when adding, removing or repositioning items on the grate.

  • When adding, removing or repositioning items on the grate, prevent the grate from swinging by stabilizing the grate with a gloved hand.

  • To ensure uniform cooking periodically give the grate a gentle spin.

  • When not using the tripod, set it aside to avoid exposing it to unnecessary heat but for convenient re-setup, leave your LegNests in position on top of the campfire ring.

Useful Accessories:

  • Thick leather gloves or equivalent

  • Tongs

  • Spatula, Turner, or Flipper (you know what I mean)

  • Brush for basting and applying barbeque sauce

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