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The Route-a-Pocket is designed to produce professional quality pocket screw joinery with your plunge router and power drill.  The system uses a carbide tipped router bit to machine a low 10 degree screw pocket and a 9/64" diameter drill bit to produce a properly sized through pilot hole for #8 pocket hole screws.


SKU: 21000
  • Construction:
    Precision laser cut components
    Hardened steel drill bushing
    Tool free adjustments
    Made in USA

    Pocket Specs:
    Allowable Workpiece Thickness: 1/2" min 1-1/2" max
    Pocket Width: 3/8"
    Pocket Length: 1/2" min 4-1/8" max
    Pilot Hole Diameter: 9/64"
    Pocket & Pilot Hole Angle: 10 degrees
    Screw Grip Length: 7/16 min 1-1/8" max

    Required tools: 
    Plunge Router with 3/4" Guide Bushing
    Power Drill

    The Route-a-Pocket Includes:
    (1) Route-a-Pocket Jig
    (1) Route-a-Pocket Carbide Tipped Router Bit
    (1) Pilot Hole Drill Bit
    (1) Route-a-Pocket Mounting Plate
    (2) #2 ball tip square drive driver bit
    (1) #2 ball tip square drive screwdriver
    (10) #8 x 1-1/2" Pocket Hole Screws
    (1) Storage Tube
    (1) Set-up & Screw Selection Template (not shown)
    (1) Transparent Screw Overlay (not shown)
    (1) User Manual (not shown)

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